Building Trays

We're getting closer! Closer to removing the left side, that is...

Over the past few weeks, we've been building pipe trays for the pipework to be stored in the basement. Each of these wooden boxes will hold all of the 10 ranks (802 pipes) in the left side (Solo division) of the instrument. We're not far from our December 1st removal deadline. WE WILL PREVAIL!


You can see in the picture behind Dan, a ton of shelves have also been put up for the rest of the thousands of parts within the left side. We'll get a video of inside of the chamber soon to show everything in there that needs to be removed. It's going to be quite a weekend! It's all about organization...

Once the Solo side of the organ is safely packed up, the theatre will be completely restoring the left side chamber. New LED lighting will be installed, the floor will be sealed, new power will be supplied, and all of the walls will be repaired and plastered.

In addition, we've started sending out our Adopt-a-Pipe certificates. If you want one, check out the Adopt-a-Pipe section of this website!


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